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The "Universal Truths" List

"Universal Truths" is the overly grandiose title for a collection of humorous and profound aphorisms submitted by their creators, mostly geeks, to this list. An aphorism is defined by the Collins English Dictionary as
"a short pithy saying expressing a general truth; maxim."

The Reason

This site arose from a dangerous slip of the tongue on undernet's #userfriendly. At a point at which it was producing a high level of bizarreness, I made the following pronouncement:
Universal Truth # 6327 : Everything makes sense to someone
A few silent minutes later, I added:
Universal Truth # 6328 : All attempts at profundity will immediately kill a conversation
The numbers were chosen entirely randomly, but having dug the hole, I'm going to sit in it. Someone (I'll acknowledge/blame you if you want) asked if there was a list. So I thought "hey, why not?" and decided to start one.

Relying on the general perversity of the internet, I decided to kick off with:

Universal Truth # 1 : There are less than 6328 Universal Truths
The aim of this strange project then is to prove UT # 1 wrong, by filling all the gaps up to UT # 6328. Yes, I know that should say fewer, but the line above is what I said in the first place.

So, now you know what it's all about, go look at the list!

Document created by Richard George, 16th March 1999
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