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The "Universal Truths" List

Who did this?

The man with the Idea
It was Richard George, aka Phase, decided that it might be a bit of harmless fun to start a humourous list of Universal Truths, and had the even brighter idea of asking Illiad to plug it for him on the "Daily Static". As harmless fun goes, it was much like gently canoeing over Niagara Falls. I'd forgotten quite how active UFies are. Never again shall I underestimate them.

Phase in one line: (explanation)
SWM Pantheist / Cyclist / Linguist / Coder / Eco-Geek

Why did you do this?
It seemed like a good idea at the time :) I should make that my motto... Plus I thought it might amuse a certain Finn.

A blatant plug?
And why not ?! Go take a look at for all sorts of info

Shortly after the site was mentioned on the Static, an irrepressible enthusiast by the name of Eric Thelin sent me a UT, alongside which he said:
There should be a submission form on the website. There also should be a page of universal truths sorted by addition date that can easily be parsed to be included into a box with their new customization feature.

My first response was:
Slow down! I only just started this two days back... And until I've recovered from the Illiad effect I'm not going *near* Slashdot.

Two days later, he'd written an alpha database. Eric, introduce yourself, it might slow you down ;)

The man with the Database

Eric in one line: Database Programmer / Rock Climber / Scuba diver / Open Source Advocate / Geek / Mormon

Why did you do this?
Very good question. If I figure it out I will let you know. But I can tell you the sequence of my begining this venture into the land of a humor website. I have always loved Murphy's Law type lists. So when I was reading User Friendly and saw the link to this site I started reading and couldn't stop laughing. Then I got curious about how fast the list was growing so I would know when to come back to read more. That is when I saw Richards news message that said his "mailbox" was exploding with so many submissions. And I said "Why would anyone do something like this without a database?" I then realized that when I came back I wouldn't be able to determine what UTs were new without reading them all again. I wanted the list sorted by submission date. Since I have about four other projects that use a very similar database design to steal code from (why fix the wheel when you can just nock the corners of and make a smaller wheel.) I built a quick submission system. From there I just got feature crazy.

A blatant plug?
Omniseek The democratic search engine.

These are the two people who add your submissions to the list. Be nice to them ;)
Document created by Richard George, 16th March 1999
Document available at
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