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18/03/99 - The day the site made the "Daily Static"!
my mailbox is exploding, so I've put a few submission guidelines up (see above)

19/03/99 - slight slowdown phew ;)
Posting another bunch to keep the readers happy. As ever - if yours isn't here, please be patient.

20/03/99 - Finally got around to putting UTs into a data file so I don't have to hack the html by hand.
Added another selection, now at 121 UTs.

23/03/99 - Added the last batch of UTs to the new format data file, and sent this off to Eric to start the database off with.

10/04/99 - The database is about ready to go live, so I've done some final work on the HTML. Once Eric's happy, we'll release the URL and run for it.

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