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The "Universal Truths" List

Submit a Univeral Truth

To ensure this list stays true to its character, there are a few submission guidelines.
  • A Universal Truth is a statement or an observation, not a question or a piece of advice.
  • A UT can be humorous, or profound, or both.
  • A UT is original to the person submitting it, not a quotation from a book or other media.
  • A UT is not likely to cause mental anguish, serious offence or depression. (Don't ask!)
  • Any number you chose to give your UTs should be a positive non-zero integer, unused, and below 6328. And it might still get changed.
Take a look at the list, you'll see what sort of things I'm using.

Enter your truth here:

Before you submit a 42: Please don't submit "The Answer (to Life the Universe or Anything)" unless you're Douglas Adams, in which case you can claim it as original to you.
The UT I finally accept for this exalted number will have to be really good, and probably relevant to the Guide.

Universal Truth Number: (leave blank for a random choice)
Universal Truth:

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